Our philosophy

For us, it's a verrrry simple recipe. Take great comfort food classics, elevate it, and handcraft it with equal parts love, fun, creativity, and service. We are strong believers that people can actually taste the love that you put into a dish, pinch-by-pinch. Eaters can easily distinguish the dishes made with love and detail from the meals that were just quickly thrown together. We serve absolutely delicious, high-quality, and highly addictive menu options from all over the world, including SOUL FOOD, ITALIAN, ASIAN, & LATIN cuisines. We gladly accommodate VEGAN & VEGETARIAN eaters as well.

We take a total customer-centric approach to catering. While we do have several different menus to choose from, we do want customers to feel absolutely included and empowered during the creation process. We appreciate as many details as possible, including FOOD ALLERGIES & OTHER FOOD-RELATED RESTRICTIONS. At the customer's request, we can also create a totally customized menu. The FUN is in the details!!!

As the old adage goes, "do what you love, and never work a day in your life". We don't see cooking as "work", but more so as fun time. We get great joy from recreating culinary classics and seeing the smiles from our customers over the years. We love collaborating with clients on how to create the perfect experience through food. And, we do it with LOVE!!!!!